Case Studies:

Arts therapies improve parent-child interactions

Recent data from Chroma’s Assessment of Parent-Child Interactions (APCI) shows an average +21.7% improvement in parent-child interactions as a result of working with one of our arts therapists.

Adoptive families and their children undertook a pre-therapy APCI, followed by a period of therapy facilitated by one of Chroma experienced team of arts therapists. After the therapy intervention was over, the families did a post-therapy APCI which measured any change in how they interacted.

The data, which Chroma hopes to publish at the Nordic Music Therapy Conference in 2018, makes a compelling case to social workers and the Adoption Support Fund, about the clinical and cost effectiveness of working with arts therapists from Chroma. It also highlights the effectiveness of the APCI tool as a way to accurately measure and show therapeutic changes.