Let’s Talk Music, so we can listen to each other

Chroma supports community cohesion and understanding

Over the last 4 years, music therapists Dr Avi Gilboa and Raneen Hanna from Bar Ilan University in Israel, have been working with students on a cutting-edge and well researched programme called “Let’s Talk Music”. Aiming to create mutual respect and understanding between the communities, religions and participants taking part, the programme uses a simple but very effective “play-list & presentation” structure over the course of the weekly sessions.

Chroma has been working with Avi and Raneen since 2013 to bring this approach to the UK. Working with diverse partners including academic institutions and regional police forces, Let’s Talk Music seeks to support community engagement across religious, social, class or political boundaries.

In our video, Avi & Raneen explain the project and its objectives, and students from a recent course share what they got from this innovative approach to community development.