Our Therapists

Chroma therapists are an award-winning team of Allied Health Professionals who work with partner organisations throughout the UK and internationally. The Health & Care Professions Council regulates us and we follow nationally agreed Codes of Ethics. Our profession has “Protected Title” status. You can check our registration status through The Health & Care Professions Council website.

As individuals, many of us have more than a decade’s experience of working with a particular group of people; some of us have a general practice approach and bring a diverse range of experiences to our work with you; and through our Graduate scheme we support new colleagues to begin their professional careers.

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  • Abby Williams

    Abby Williams

    Music therapist

    Abby graduated as a music therapist from the University of the West of England in 2012. Since qualifying, Abby’s work has primarily been focused on working with young people with PMLD, brain injury and autism in a specialist college setting. In addition, Abby has begun working with adopted children and their families. Abby also teaches piano and facilitates a singing group for young people with learning disabilities.

  • Aby Vulliamy

    Aby Vulliamy

    Music therapist

    Aby Vulliamy graduated as a Music Therapist from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2003. She specialises in working with children, adolescents and their families, in psychiatric, educational, and hospice settings, with a particular focus on creating healthy attachments and addressing childhood trauma.

  • Aisling Vorster

    Aisling Vorster

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Aisling is a music therapist and clinical supervisor, specialising in work with children and families. She works in a variety of settings, including schools, the NHS, justice services, residential settings and charities. Aisling also has a certificate in family therapy and works with a range of needs including attachment, learning and physical disabilities and autism. She also works in adult mental health and dementia services.

  • Alice Nicholas

    Alice Nicholas


    Alice qualified as a dramatherapist in 2014 from Roehampton University. She has worked primarily with children and young people, currently Alice specialises in working with fostered and adopted children and their families. Alice has also worked extensively within special education. Alice is also a playwright and theatre practitioner.

  • Annie Henriques

    Annie Henriques

    Music therapist

    Annie has worked in education and social work for over 40 years. She trained as a music therapist in her early 60s and bring a wealth of life experience to her therapeutic work. Annie has particular expertise in working with children with autism and those with challenging behaviours.

  • Anna Menen Sanchez

    Anna Menen Sanchez

    Music therapist & NMT Fellow

    Anna qualified as a music therapist in 2011. Her work has focused  on neuro-rehabilitation of children and adult.  She is a Neurologic Music Therapy with a psychology background. She specialized on neuro-psychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation with a Master’s Degree. She qualified as a Neurologic Music Therapy and completed the training course for the use Music Therapy Assessment tool for Awareness of disorders of consciousness (MATADOC). In 2015, Anna joined Chroma working as a clinician in neuro-rehabilitation settings.

  • Ann-Marie Baker

    Ann-Marie Baker

    Occupational therapist

    Ann-Marie qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2000 and has worked with the paediatric population ever since. She has worked in a variety of settings, including hospitals, homes and schools. She enjoys working with families and children to promote independence in daily living activities.

  • Amanda Pearce

    Amanda Pearce

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Amanda qualified as a music therapist in 2008. She has worked with both children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and emotional and behavioural disorders in homes, hospitals and schools. Amanda has extensive experience of working with children and families which is a particular area of interest to her.

  • Carl Arroyo

    Carl Arroyo

    Art therapist

    Carl qualified in 2008 as an Art Therapist. His work has focused on children and families, and his research studies into the benefits of Art Therapy with Post Natal Depressed mothers and their infants have been published and are presently the subject of a pilot study with Cardiff University. Carl has worked in children’s centres, special and mainstream schools, psychiatric hospitals and prisons. As well as being active member of the British Association of Art Therapists Carl is also an exhibiting artist.

  • Caroline Swinburne

    Caroline Swinburne

    Music therapist

    Caroline qualified as a music therapist in 2013; she previously worked for many years as a radio producer and broadcaster. Now Caroline works with adopted children and families, and with clients with acquired brain injuries. She also teaches piano, and plays French Horn in orchestras and chamber groups.

  • Catherine Finch

    Catherine Finch

    Art psychotherapist

    Catherine is an Art Psychotherapist, working with children, young people and families, specialising in attachment issues. She previously worked in adult mental health, specialising in drug and alcohol dependence, and has also worked extensively within the perinatal field.

  • Christella Lucas

    Christella Lucas

    Art therapist

    Christella qualified as an art psychotherapist in 2013 and has worked in CAMHS as well as specialist schools for children out of mainstream education. She has a particular interest in attachment, trauma, substance misuse and working dyadically with families. She also works in adult mental health, running groups for individuals with dual diagnosis.

  • Christina Rhys

    Christina Rhys

    Music therapist

    Following her first career as a professional harpist, Christina trained as a mature student and qualified as a music therapist in 2001. She has worked with children at Acorns Children’s Hospice, and more recently in many different settings with children and adults on the autistic spectrum.  Her work with looked-after and adopted children has included workshops for the London branch of AfterAdoption.

  • Elizabeth Medrow

    Elizabeth Medrow

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Information being updated

  • Esme Folley

    Esme Folley

    Music therapist

    Esme qualified as a music therapist in 2014. Experience includes working with children of all ages and their families, supporting those with emotional and behavioural difficulties and supporting attachment, in children’s palliative care with life limiting and threatening conditions and with children on the autistic spectrum. Esme aims to provide a safe, creative, trusting therapeutic environment. Esme also works with adults providing group and 1:1 creative arts therapies – both musical and visual, in palliative care.

  • Evelyn Mason

    Evelyn Mason

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Evelyn qualified with a Music Therapy MA in 2008. Her work began in Northern Ireland, where she worked in a range of adult and children settings. Since then, she worked as a music therapist in India and London, and now works in the South West. She specialises in music therapy with people with dementia, and young people living with emotional and behavioural challenges.

  • Gail Justice

    Gail Justice


    Gail qualified as a drama and movement therapist in 1998. She has experience of working with children in a range of settings, those who are looked after and adopted and adults with learning difficulties and mental health issues.  She has a particular interest in working with attachment, trauma and resilience and has trained in Theraplay and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. Gail has also worked with mothers and babies and is currently studying for an MA in Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy.

  • Hayley Southern

    Hayley Southern


    Information being updated

  • Helen Mottram

    Helen Mottram

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Helen qualified as a music therapist in 2009 and has worked with children and young people with learning disabilities and autism and with adoptive families. She taught on the music therapy training program in Delhi, India, alongside working in India’s first school for children with autism. Helen also works in an inpatient Mother and Baby unit for Mothers experiencing post-partum depression and psychosis.

  • Helen Short

    Helen Short

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Helen has a broad experience of working with children and adults diagnosed with mental health, developmental and behavioural difficulties in forensic and general psychiatric, educational and community settings.  She also practices with West London Mental Health NHS Trust. She has presented her clinical work at the European music therapy congress (2013) and the World Music Therapy Congress (2014, 2016), and her work has been published in several music therapy journals.  She is clinical supervisor at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

  • Isobel Needham

    Isobel Needham

    Music therapist

    Isobel qualified in 2004 from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and has worked in a variety of settings including NHS, charities and schools. Her main client group is children and young people although she has also worked in elderly mental health. Her main area of work includes LD & PMLD, ASD, fostering and adoption, behavioural and emotional issues and children who have suffered abuse. Isobel has a keen interest in early brain development and attachment theory. She joined Chroma in 2016.

  • Jackie McCoy-Lewens

    Jackie McCoy-Lewens

    Art therapist

    Information being updated

  • John Crossfield

    John Crossfield

    Art therapist

    With 16 years practice as an art psychotherapist across health, education, social and community sectors. John specialises in the use of multimedia and digital technologies to inform his approach to enabling clients to engage in an interactive, expressive, creative process that supports exploration of the key challenges people are working through.

  • Jonathan Hirst

    Jonathan Hirst


    Jonathan worked as a mental health nurse (RMN) in the NHS for 25 years and qualified as a Dramatherapist in 1997. His focus remains in adult mental health including substance misuse and he is also currently working with families in post-adoption.

  • Jonathan Pool

    Jonathan Pool

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Jonathan qualified as a music therapist in 2008. In 2013, he was awarded a PhD for his research into music therapy with acquired brain injury. Since qualifying, his has worked with children and adults with acquired brain injury, children with special needs, adults with dementia, and families in a variety of settings.

  • Jules Ellis

    Jules Ellis

    Music therapist

    Jules qualified as a psychodynamic music therapist in 2015.  He lives and works in Oxfordshire, mainly in adult forensic mental health. This has given Jules experience of close MDT working and offering holistic care to clients with trauma and attachment issues. He has also worked in children’s residential care and special needs education.

  • Kat Weston

    Kat Weston


    Information being updated

  • Kate Lawrence

    Kate Lawrence

    Art therapist

    Kate became an Art Therapist in 2010. She first became fascinated about the healing power of art during her Fine Art degree. Her work concentrates upon her clients, their relationships and their place in the world. She focuses on attachment, behavioural difficulties and traumatic stress, with adults and children.

  • Kathy Tappin

    Kathy Tappin


    Kathy qualified as a Dramatherapist in 2013.  She works with children and young people (and their families) who have experienced sexual and domestic abuse, focusing on trauma and recovery, attachment, self efficacy, emotional literacy and resilience. Kathy also co-facilitates drama groups for children in care exploring emotional well-being and mindfulness.

  • Kirsty Daley

    Kirsty Daley


    Kirsty qualified as a Dramatherapist in 2015. Kirsty has experience in working with children and families, supporting both attachment and mental health difficulties. Supporting children and families to learn, develop and build connections and resilience. Kirsty has also worked within schools, probation, prison and addiction settings, supporting a wide range of clients.

  • Laurie Pyper

    Laurie Pyper

    Music therapist

    After gaining a degree in music from Birmingham Conservatoire, Laurie trained to be a music therapist at the University of Edinburgh qualifying in 2005. She has a vast amount of experience working in SEN and mainstream schools with a particular interest in mental health issues. Laurie also has worked with children and families experiencing difficulties post adoption. She is a trained DrumPower practitioner.

  • Lucy Collings Pettit

    Lucy Collings Pettit

    Music therapist

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  • Lucy Parker

    Lucy Parker

    Art therapist

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  • Lucy Smith

    Lucy Smith


    Lucy qualified as a Dramatherapist in 2000. She has worked with children and young people in a variety of settings in the UK and Ireland including a secure psychiatric service. Lucy’s work is predominantly focused on the impact of trauma in childhood.

  • Lydia Cleaves

    Lydia Cleaves


    Information being updated

  • Lydia Pask

    Lydia Pask

    Lydia has been a qualified Art therapist since 2007. The majority of her experience has been working with children and young people in various settings including schools, mental health, youth justice, on the autistic spectrum; in particular Aspergers and ADHD and child protection. Lydia has worked in Auckland, New Zealand for six years, returning to U.K. In 2015.

  • Lynn Engler

    Lynn Engler


    Lynn is an experienced Dramatherapist, qualified since 2003, who has previously specialised in working with fostered young people with attachment/trauma issues and supporting/training foster carers.  She also has experience working in the NHS with adults and children with learning disabilities, and running dramatherapy groups for MIND.

  • Melissa Elliott

    Melissa Elliott

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Melissa qualified as a music therapist in 2008. Her work has focused on working with people with learning disabilities and mental health problems, and children & family work. She has worked in schools, hospitals and community settings. She has also worked for NHS Wales developing primary care mental health services for adults with a learning disability.

  • Noelle Adames

    Noelle Adames

    Art therapist

    Noelle Adames has worked with families and individuals in a healing capacity for over twenty years. With a wide-ranging background as a Drama and Movement Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Artist Educator, Project Manager and Professional Actress, Noelle combines a systemic approach to working with people with the creativity of storytelling, drama and movement.  She has shared her expertise with such organizations as ~ The United States Veteran’s Administration, The State of California Foster Care Agency, The Will Geer Theatre, George Mason University and Grief Encounter.  She enjoys teaching ways to work from a strengths based approach and combines experiences from her many different lives with theory, in order to expand people’s techniques of working with those in need.

  • Paula Emmett

    Paula Emmett

    Art therapist

    Since qualifying as an Art Therapist in 1997, Paula has worked in the NHS across the Children’s Learning Disability Team, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Adult Mental Health Teams.  She now works in mainstream schools providing Art Therapy.

  • Poppy Lozynski

    Poppy Lozynski

    Art therapist

    Information being updated

  • Rachel Swanick

    Rachel Swanick

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

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  • Sally Watson

    Sally Watson

    Music therapist & APCI Certified

    Sally qualified as a music therapist in 1996 and has worked in many different settings with people of all ages, including schools, hospitals and prisons. She currently specialises in working with children with a range of additional needs, including physical and intellectual disability. Sally also teaches music and runs a community choir and orchestra.

  • Sarah Bradley-Adam

    Sarah Bradley-Adam

    Music therapist

    Information being updated

  • Sirin Gibson-Enol

    Sirin Gibson-Enol

    Music therapist

    Sirin qualified as a Music Therapist in 2013. Her most recent work focuses on  supporting attachment, bonding and the mother-infant relationship with adopted children and their families. Sirin has worked in special and mainstream education with children and adults with ASD, Mutism and Learning Disabilities. She has also worked as a therapist within the mental health sector of the NHS.

  • Sophie Mawhinney

    Sophie Mawhinney

    Music therapist

    Sophie qualified as a Music Therapist in 2016, after completing her MA training at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Sophie currently works with children and families in adoption support, with children and adolescents with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and in adult mental health. She also has experience of working with learning disabilities and autism.

  • Themis Kyriakidou

    Themis Kyriakidou

    Art therapist

    Themis started her professional career as an art therapist working with children and families. At the same time she also worked with adults who experienced mental health and neuro-development difficulties, have suffered brain injuries, learning disabilities, visual impairments as well as substance misuse problems. Themis has also developed further specialism and engaged in further academic training in forensic work and in systemic family therapy. Her clinical interests relate to child development, trauma and attachment and their influence on behaviour and relationships.