PRESS RELEASE: Chroma’s corporate approach to arts therapy recognised at national health awards

Ross-on-Wye-based Chroma, the UK’s leading national arts therapy provider, has scooped the CDL Award for Entrepreneurship at the 11th annual Advancing Healthcare Awards in London (on 31 March).

Formed in 2013, the company delivers a comprehensive range of arts, drama and music therapies that work alongside traditional rehabilitation methods to optimise client recovery following major health traumas.

It also offers programmes to businesses through therapeutic services that support leadership programmes, improves productivity and output – as well as reducing days lost to sick leave or stress.

Chroma has grown from a handful of therapists to a team of more than 50 associate therapists across the country and has strong links with leading art therapy organisations across the world, often acting as a leader in pioneering new techniques and new thinking.

Accepting the award, Daniel Thomas, managing director of Chroma, said: “Our business is about building an innovative approach to delivering best practice therapies that make a real difference to clients lives – and this award recognises our success in this area.

“Traditionally, arts therapists were self-employed, paid per session and worked on a small scale, with poor levels of recognition for their professional status. Business models were reliant on small grants, working on short term contracts.

“However, our approach is to be a national provider, delivering locally, for health authorities, hospitals and other bodies. We are all about providing corporate expertise and processes that enable our therapists to focus on clinical excellence.”

Daniel explained that this approach had been especially timely during an extended period of spending cuts, which had prompted local authorities and commissioners to contract out services, inadvertently creating a system forbidding for individual arts therapists.

“Against this backdrop, there was a risk that the amount of arts therapy being delivered would decline and opportunities for early intervention with individuals and their families would be missed – but we positioned ourselves to minimise this happening.”

Daniel added that Chroma had adopted a partnership approach that was ideal for working within this new commissioning landscape. “Partnerships are the key to providing therapy, from the relationship in the therapy room, through to the therapist’s relationship with the network, and all the way up to the commissioning level.

“We’ve been able to offer essential clinical effectiveness alongside value for money treatment while our inclusive model allows time to focus on the systemic needs of the case, embedding therapeutic outcomes with greater and more lasting impact.”

The Advancing Healthcare Awards recognise projects and professionals that lead innovative healthcare practice and make a real difference to patients’ lives. The awards are open to allied health professionals, healthcare scientists and those who work alongside them.

The Advancing Healthcare Awards were held on Friday 31 March at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London.