PRESS RELEASE: Leeds seminar aims to persuade legal profession to back music therapy in acquired brain injury claims

A seminar being held in Leeds later this month aims to make the case to the legal profession for including neurological music therapy in claims prompted by acquired or traumatic brain injuries.

With acquired brain injury admissions to hospital on the increase – up over 10% in the last decade to around 348,000 annually – research suggests music therapy offers the best possible rehabilitation treatment for clients who have suffered severe head injuries.

Hosted by Chroma, the UK’s leading national arts therapy provider, the seminar is sponsored by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors and The Portland Hospital, part of the HCA Hospitals group.

Daniel Thomas, managing director of Chroma, said: “For us, this is all about increasing awareness of how Neurological Music Therapy can help to optimise outcomes for people with brain injuries.

“NMT is based on the application of music to cognitive, sensory and motor dysfunctions that come from neurological conditions. As an intervention, it has defined outcomes, is evidence-based, cost-effective and can be used alongside traditional therapies.

“NMT offers the best case rehabilitation for people who have received traumatic head injuries, the seminar aims to raise awareness of the benefits to the region’s solicitors, case managers and the judiciary.

“For each case, we create a free, detailed proposal using a standard music therapy assessment tool. Once a settlement is reached, we can then help case manager decide on the best course of action to accelerate treatment and recovery.”

Daniel added that courts, legal teams and case managers all had a professional interest in meeting a duty of care to victims and families affected to ensure best practice in each of their fields of expertise. NMT fitted well into this picture.

“It is a primary function of personal injury lawyers to make a strong case for the maximum settlement to gain the best possible rehabilitation package. By adding in new evidence-based techniques for accelerated recovery, they will be maximising support.

“We will be making a case at the seminar that including the application of funding for NMT will play a key part in ensuring the best possible rehabilitation package.”

The seminar includes an Introduction to Neurological Music Therapy by Anna Menen, Paediatric NMT Cast Studies with Anna Menen and Rachel Swanick and Neurologic Music Therapy within the MDT with Claire Dunsterville from The Portland Hospital.

“Neurological Music Therapy – Optimising Outcomes,” will be held at The Studio, Riverside West, Leeds from 1-5pm on Wednesday 26th April. More details can be found at or by calling 0113 2005 207.