Chroma, the early years experts

“This, as a thing to do, was probably essential for an early adopter, in as much as it was a simultaneous adult support and it was enabling us to focus on the children. So, to sum up in one word: – essential.” – Parent attending our Early Years programme

Building on our experience of running world-renowned programmes such as “Sing & Grow”, our “Attune” programme supports families to focuses on:

  • Enhancing parent-child attachment & bonding
  • Strengthening family relationships
  • Building capacity in parents to support their children’s development
  • Encouraging the use of music to support educational attainment

The Music Therapy Charity recently funded a evaluation of “Sing & Grow” in partnership with Essex County Council’s Adoption Support Service, and an independent researcher. The evaluation indicated our programme is an effective support intervention for adoptive families.

Attune continues and broadens our expertise in working with families and young children.