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    Blog: Do you know the importance of keeping your brain healthy?

    Everyone knows the importance of looking after their body – but do you ever think about looking after your brain in the same way? For example, it’s good for your brain function if you have a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and eat well, eating a variety of foods making sure the body receives the essential vitamins and minerals it requires. But did … MORE

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    PRESS RELEASE: Singing along to in-car music could improve driver safety, say therapists

    Singing along to pop and rock hits behind the wheel could make you drive more safely, according to therapists. If you’re stressed by traffic conditions or frustrated while stuck in a jam, crooning a tune will help you concentrate better and make you calmer, says Chroma, the UK’s leading arts therapy provider. A Spotify “drivetime” playlist compiled by the company includes favourites … MORE

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    Blog: How music therapy is transforming lives

    Neurological disorders can have a big impact on an individual’s life. They are known as diseases of the brain and can affect different areas depending on the effect of the accident. For example, a young girl who may have been hit by a car could be left with serious damage to the linguistic part of the brain, this is the area that … MORE

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    Blog: Could art therapy improve your health?

    Art is not only a creative human expression it’s a form of education, and as humans, we are constantly surrounded by it. The therapy is used in an educational setting to encourage development and to help support individuals with attachment issues. According to therapists at Chroma, it’s known as a form of psychotherapy used to express feelings, emotions and thoughts, it’s an … MORE