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    Neurologic music therapy provides significant fall prevention technique in over 65’s

    Winter poses a significantly increased risk of falls in the elderly. Each year over three million older people are treated for fall related injuries, and approximately 60,000 of them require hospitalisation usually from hip fractures or head injuries (1). The chances of falling in winter months increase after 65 and increases furthermore after 75 years old. Daniel Thomas, Joint Managing Director & … MORE

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    Blog: Chroma seeing an uptake in the use of trial assessments

    Assessment and treatment plans are the foundation to determine the best intervention options for clients. The duration of a typical treatment plan is between 12-24 weeks. But recently, we have seen an uptake in care managers opting for one of Chroma’s fixed fee assessments. Typically based over four weeks/sessions, we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the arts therapies as a … MORE