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    Chroma partners with Adoption UK to offer online therapy sessions for children and their adopted families

    Chroma, the UK’s leading national provider of arts therapy services, has partnered with Adoption UK, a national charity run by and for adopters, to host two online therapeutic activity sessions to help foster togetherness. The two 45-minute sessions will run on 1 and 8 April 2020 for under 7s, over 7s and their families. The sessions, run by a Chroma arts therapist, … MORE

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    How the Coronavirus outbreak is affecting Chroma and the wider neuro-rehab sector

    As the current strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19) envelops the globe, health services are under increasing pressure to ensure the most vulnerable are taken care of. As the UK’s leading arts therapy provider, we support some of the country’s most vulnerable and are having to adapt to the looming threat of COVID-19. So far, the spread of the virus has had a limited … MORE

  • Case Studies:

    Random Acts of Kindness Day

    By Rachel Swanick, music therapist, Chroma There have been lots of discussions on kindness in the past weeks – in the media, on social media, in life. As healthcare professionals, we are always kind, right? We always look at both sides of the argument, never judge others or get frustrated with our clients… Well, maybe not. Of course, we are human and … MORE

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    Neurologic Music Therapy as an effective rehabilitation tool for stroke victims

    By Daniel Thomas, joint managing director, Chroma Therapies Suffering a stroke is a frightening event. They occur suddenly and without warning, usually caused by a blockage of arteries leading to the brain, known as an Ischemic stroke. Another, less common stroke, can be caused by bleeding into brain tissue when a blood vessel bursts, but Ischemic Strokes remain the most common. Regardless … MORE

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    NMT helps resolve prolonged serious injury claims following a TBI due to its effectiveness during rehabilitation

    By Daniel Thomas, joint managing director, Chroma Therapies With an estimated 135,000 cases a year of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) occurring, and with almost half a million 16-74 year olds in the UK living with long term disabilities as a result, it is no wonder serious injury claims are on the rise. Claims that, through a lack of knowledge concerning the latest … MORE