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    How Chroma’s therapists change lives for people living with a Traumatic Brain Injury

    The work of Chroma’s therapists is invaluable to the lives of those living with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Suffering a TBI can affect people in different ways. In some cases, the patient can be affected so severely that they are deemed to be in a vegetative state. This is the case for many patients referred to Chroma. Ahmed was admitted to … MORE

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    Chroma Therapists changing lives of people who suffered a Stroke

    Every patient seen by a Chroma is different. Each day is never the same. That’s certainly the case for Lucy, who suffered a stroke. She presented to A&E with dense left-sided weakness, aphasia and vomiting. CT scans revealed that she had suffered from a right intracerebral haemorrhage. Lucy was referred to Chroma for Neurologic Music Therapy to address poor breath support, reduced … MORE

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    The need for injury lawyers to become acquainted with current rehab treatments

    With 135,000 people every year admitted to a UK hospital with a brain injury, the rise of injury lawyers continues. Personal injury lawyers aim to secure the best possible settlement for their client, but in order to do this effectively, the lawyer must be aware of current, innovative rehabilitation techniques that could form part of any settlement package. It is highly advisable … MORE

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    Effective rehabilitation for victims of catastrophic injuries

    We all ‘want’ a good quality of life. But for some, that possibility is taken away from them and that ‘want’ rapidly becomes a ‘need’. This is absolutely the case for those who have suffered a catastrophic injury. Permanent disability, as a result, changes a person’s life in the blink of an eye. Rehabilitation remains the principal way to attempt to restore … MORE

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    Cost effective music therapy could help reduce stress upon UK healthcare system

    Our healthcare system here in the UK is under significant strain. The current covid-19 pandemic has dramatically highlighted the increased need for more medical staff, supplies, equipment, medicines and treatments, not to mention the cost of all those aspects. This pandemic alone is costing an innumerable amount not only in monetary terms but also in medical staff’s time and lives. And yet, … MORE

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    Resource pack for parents

    Chroma’s lead therapist Rachel Swanick has been working with Adoption UK and adoptive families during the COVID19 period, providing online sessions and ideas to help families find the fun, love and connection despite all the chaos. Rachel has also developed a resource full of ideas, hints and suggestions for younger and older children. Please click here to download the PDF. We’d would … MORE

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    Chroma offers virtual therapy to support parents and therapists during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Chroma, the UK’s leading national provider of arts therapy services, has developed a handy resources pack for therapists and parents to engage with during the Covid-19 pandemic. Self-isolation has forced families to stay indoors with no access to essential therapies they would normally be used to support children or families. Families who have children with additional needs will be able to access … MORE