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    Pilot NMT project shows significant improvement in patients with an acquired brain injury

    18 July 2019 – A pilot Neurologic Music Therapy project undertaken by Chroma, the UK’s leading national provider of arts therapy service, has resulted in significant improvements in the treatment of patients with an acquired brain injury, Exemplar Health Care commissioned the 12-week project at their 80-bed Willowbeck inpatient unit in Sheffield. Service users’ complex needs include those with an acquired brain … MORE

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    PRESS RELEASE: Singing along to in-car music could improve driver safety, say therapists

    Singing along to pop and rock hits behind the wheel could make you drive more safely, according to therapists. If you’re stressed by traffic conditions or frustrated while stuck in a jam, crooning a tune will help you concentrate better and make you calmer, says Chroma, the UK’s leading arts therapy provider. A Spotify “drivetime” playlist compiled by the company includes favourites … MORE