Dramatherapy with Chroma

Dramatherapy is a form of psychological therapy which uses drama, storytelling, play and movement to support people to understand themselves and make positive changes in their lives.

A growing body of international research studies and other evidence suggests dramatherapy is a highly effective and cost efficient approach. Working effectively with psychosocial, emotional or behavioural issues is a key element in any care pathway, treatment plan or simply as part of supporting an enhanced quality of life.

Dramatherapy can be undertaken with individuals or with groups, depending on the needs of those involved, and can:

  • Enhance the ability to manage anger, anxiety and depression
  • Develop resilience
  • Promote understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Increase self-expression, confidence and communication
  • Develop trust and positive relationships
  • Improve concentration, coordination and body awareness
  • Develop resources to cope with life’s challenges