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Drumpower delivered by Chroma

Drumpower helps students overcome violent behaviour, diminishes social difference and boosts self-confidence and co-operation
In a Drumpower music therapy session, the emphasis is on rhythmical improvisation using drums – an instrument everyone can play. The intervention supports students in the constructive handling of aggression as an individual, develops their sense of community and their levels of co-operation, as well as growing their confidence in their own voice and to communicate with others more effectively.

Respect for others, as taught through the power of music
Drumpower music therapy sessions have resulted in proven, statistically quantifiable outcomes for students which include improved interaction within the school environment, increased self-awareness and empathy towards others, readiness to help others. Drumpower improves relationships between students and teachers alike!

Drumpower: music therapy proven to work!
Drumpower has been scientifically evaluated by the Freies Musikzentrum, Munich in co-operation with the Institute for Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Research at the University of Innsbruck. Research into Drumpower was quantitative (questionnaires) and qualitative (interviews with teachers and trainers). The conclusions were positive acrosss the board.

Funding Drumpower
Drumpower is extremely cost-effective (less than the price of a cinema ticket per student per session!) and initiatives like ‘Pupil Premium’ can be utilised. Drumpower helps foster an environment conducive to learning, impacting on student behaviour and achievement (a key focus of ‘Pupil Premium’).