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“Our neurologic music therapist is very much part of the multidisciplinary team involved on our paediatric intensive care unit, general wards & the neurological rehab unit. We look forward to a long happy relationship with them.” – The Portland Hospital for Women and Children

Over the last 50 years international research evaluating arts therapies within healthcare settings has been growing. This body of evidence points to a range of outcomes across hospital and healthcare structures including:

  • Commissioning and cost saving benefits
  • Non-pharmalogical pain reduction during procedures
  • Increased participation in neuro-rehabilitation programmes
  • COPD singing groups increasing lung function
  • Enhanced outcomes for neonatal patients and their families
  • Increased social functioning for patients with mental health issues

“It helped with my cognitive process – to think coherently and focus. Helped me think straight. Helped me relax. It improved communication with other people and improved my ability in dealing with groups of people” – Participant in arts therapy group