If you are thinking about working with us, why not read comments made by some of our past and current partner organisations, collaborators, participants and staff.

Adoptive families:

Adoption Support Social Worker (2019)

“The therapist was always on time and brought with him a wide range of tools to engage the child. He made it fun and quickly gained the trust of the child. The therapist had an in depth knowledge of early developmental trauma and adoption issues such as the need to control, abandonment, insecurity.”

Adoptive parent (2019)

“It has been amazing, with a marked improvement in my son’s general well-being and behaviour. He’s gain so much confidence from these sessions, and is much more communicative about his feelings – something he struggles to articulate.”

Adoption Support Social Worker (2019)
“Parents are happy with the plan of work and it has massively helped them understand the reasons for behaviours, and enable scripts and a consistent approach.”

Adoptive parent (2019)
“The therapy has enabled the family to have an optimistic view of the future which continues to strengthen and has a positive influence in all areas of our lives and all our relationships.”


Therapy Services Manager, The Portland Hospital for Women and Children (2019)
“Children’s services at The Portland Hospital have grown rapidly over the past few years. Our inpatient programmes were supported by a strong multidisciplinary team however we were looking to extend our services to include Music Therapy and looked to Chroma to support us in this. We have been working with Chroma now for 3 years. They have worked with us every step of the way to establish our service needs, adapt to changes and provide us with music therapists with the necessary skills and experience. As a consequence our service has evolved significantly and is now thriving, dynamic and truly comprehensive. We hope to continue to work with Chroma in what has proved to be a very successful working partnership.”

Dr Soma Banerjee (2019)
Head of Specialty for Stroke Medicine, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

“The Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) programme has been providing therapy to our stroke patients since Jan 2019. This has been a collaborative effort with our existing therapy team and Chroma and is the first programme of its kind in an acute stroke unit setting in the UK. NMT has served to improve the well-being and mental state of many of our patients at a time which is often so dark.

Furthermore, its multi-faceted therapy has enriched our therapy programme and allowed the therapy team to reach many patients who were previously unable to engage in rehabilitation. The programme to date has been remarkable and I am extremely supportive of this continuing within our stroke service and beyond into our neuro rehabilitation service.

This has been an exemplar service and we look forward to highlighting this work at a regional and national level.”


Headteacher (2018)
“The therapist is punctual, professional and has an outstanding understanding of autism. We have an excellent partnership underpinned by good relationships and a joint understanding of what we are trying to achieve.”

Deputy Headteacher (2018)

“The professionalism from Chroma has been exceptional at every stage of the process and we are delighted to continue with the programme next year. The children have thoroughly enjoyed working with Laurie and they look forward to their music therapy session every week. Laurie builds positive relationships with staff and children in school and she works predominantly with pupils displaying social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. ”

Assistant Headteacher (2018)

“Chroma uses a thorough approach in referral process, baselining, preparation for sessions and evaluation techniques. They provide excellent ongoing feedback with mid term and final reviews. Graphs and evaluation paperwork covering responsiveness and social and emotional wellbeing, alongside Literacy and communication skills have been extremely helpful for assessment and measuring impact for pupils.”