Chroma, the early years experts

“This, as a thing to do, was probably essential for an early adopter, in as much as it was a simultaneous adult support and it was enabling us to focus on the children. So, to sum up in one word: – essential.” – Parent attending one of our Sing & Grow programmes

We have considerable experience of supporting families through our world-renowned Sing & Grow programme. We have been running Sing & Grow in the UK since 2010. Sing & Grow supports families with young children by:

  • Enhancing parent-child attachment & bonding
  • Strengthening family relationships
  • Building capacity in parents to support their children’s development
  • Encouraging the use of music to support educational attainment
  • Encouraging the use of music within communities

The Music Therapy Charity funded a evaluation of “Sing & Grow” in partnership with Essex County Council’s Adoption Support Service, and an independent researcher. The evaluation indicated our programme is an effective support intervention for adoptive families.

The Sing & Grow programme continues and broadens our expertise in working with families and young children.