Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)

Based upon neuroscience research, Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) provides specific, individualized, and standardised interventions for those affected by neurologic injury or disease.  NMT differs from traditional Music Therapy as it views music not as a social-science model for well being, but, as a neuroscience model in which music is a hard-wired brain language.

NMT works to improve cognitive, sensory, and motor dysfunctions due to neurologic disease of the human nervous system. NMT is endorsed by the World Federation of Neurological Rehabilitation (WFNR) and the European Federation of Neurorehabilitation Societies (EFNS).

The video featured shows 3 NMT techniques in action, Therapeutic Singing, Musical Speech Stimulation & Melodic Intonation Therapy. The video remain the property of the music therapist featured; we are using it to demonstrate the effectiveness of NMT in action, and protect our client’s confidentiality.