Occupational Therapy with Chroma

Occupational Therapy is a health-care profession aimed at improving function and independence in all areas of daily life. Occupational therapists are trained to analyse specific tasks or activities that need to be performed, the environment that they need to be carried out in as well as the abilities of the child or adult in order to make recommendations and set goals for intervention.

They work collaboratively with children, adults and their caregivers in the home, school or work environments during the assessment and treatment processes. The focus can include:

  • Improving fine motor/dexterity skills
  • Addressing difficulties with handwriting such as weak grasp or fatigue
  • Promoting independence in personal care and every-day tasks
  • Improving gross motor skills such as balance, postural stability and ball skills
  • Addressing difficulties related to processing sensory information
  • Providing advice on difficulties related to attention and organisational skills

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