Testimonial from Dr David Quinn

Music therapist Alex Lowman recieved this amazing testimonial for her neurorehabilitation work

“I’ve always felt that music therapy can be an important part of any integrated programme of rehabilitation for a person with an acquired brain injury. It can provide unique opportunities for emotional recognition and expression, rhythmical integration in terms of movement and expression, support the development of speech and language and not the least, can be great fun and a source of joy.

In a recent case I have been working with, music therapy provided by one of the Chroma therapists has opened unique possibilities in terms of occupation and career, social communication skills and artistic expression. As a team, we had the wonderful opportunity of seeing our service user perform her own music for the first time, it was a striking and wonderful moment in her therapeutic journey.

I would absolutely recommend Chroma as a service provider of high quality and professionalism.”


Realising Potential Through Creativity

Chroma provide therapeutic services across the UK

Our national team of experienced therapists work within healthcare, social care and educational organisations.

Our services – Neurologic Music Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Psychotherapy and Dramatherapy have the capacity to work effectively towards shared goals when other interventions may be less effective.

We are delighted to work in partnership with over 40 local authorities and healthcare settings that include many centres of excellence: HCA Healthcare UK, Voyage Care, Steps Rehabilitation, Charing Cross Hospital and others.


Neurologic Music Therapy

The leading provider of NMT

Neurologic music therapy is the therapeutic application of music to cognitive, affective, sensory, language and motor dysfunctions due to disease or injury to the human nervous system.

Chroma is the UK’s leading provider, working alongside health and medico-legal organisations including: HCA Healthcare, Voyage Care, Steps Rehabilitation, Hobbs Rehabilitation, Charing Cross Hospital, Irwin Mitchell and FieldFisher.

We have recently attained “Partner” status with INPA, which confirms we provide a high standard of specialist services to our neuro-rehabilitation partners.

Supporting Adoptive Families

Proven outcomes for adoptive families

Recent outcome data taken from Chroma’s work with adoptive families and their children shows an average +21.7% increase in parent-child interactions. Our APCI assessment shows the positive change families experience as a result of working with one of our arts therapists.

Funded by the Adoption Support Fund, Chroma’s Art, drama and music therapy packages have proven very effective in supporting adopted children and their parents understand complex behaviours and difficult emotions.


Enhancing Education Outcomes

Preventing mental health issues, supporting excellence

Our work with school leaders supports students with a range of needs. These include Autism, Mental Health, Cerebral Palsy, Social and Emotional issues, Attachment-based issues and Eating Disorders.

We work in mainstream, special and alternative settings across the country, and have a range of therapy approaches suitable for individuals, small groups and classes.


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