Adoption UK and Chroma webinars a resounding success

Chroma’s online therapeutic activity sessions to help adoptive families’ foster togetherness, in partnership with Adoption UK have been hailed as resounding successes with over 260 families joining the webinars.

Led by Chroma’s senior arts therapist Rachel Swanick, each of the 45-minute sessions incorporated a mixture of music, art and drama therapy-based activities along with a guided mediation to end.

The first session on 1 April saw over 60 participants making it one of Adoption UK’s most successful webinar to date. Since then there has been a further 11 sessions.

These sessions were offered a way to provide additional support to families who are adjusting to post-adoption life in a time of enforced self-isolation and they aimed to help develop connections between family members for improved bonding as well as help older children learn to feel more comfortable communicating with their new family.

The response from the families who participated in the sessions has been overwhelmingly positive with one parent commenting “The timed activities have been so good to motivate my son to take part as, without school, he has been getting more aimless lately” another said “Rachel is very skilled at combining music, art and meditation. The sessions have encouraged me to learn how to develop attachment and regulation through timed play activities.”

Parents praised the sessions in their ability to help improve and encourage attachment and bonding. Every response received from parents regarding these sessions express how they feel these sessions will undoubtedly benefit their children.

Their success provides a new way of helping adopted families to connect and bond when coming together is not an option.

Another parent went on to say “We would absolutely love to see them continue as they are such a great way to engage children in a more therapeutic way and gives a good break from school-related exercises. It is also great to have some therapeutic input whilst we are unable to continue with our normal ongoing therapy offer.”

Many parents concurred with the idea of an evening session, with some further suggesting these sessions simply just continue, to gain new therapy ideas. Others have gone on to say it is the ‘highlight of the week!’

Daniel Thomas, joint managing director at Chroma, said: “The resounding positive feedback received from parents regarding these sessions helped demonstrate the need for such work to continue, regardless of what is happening in the world around us.

“We organised these sessions in the knowledge that adoptive families face extra challenges and hopefully they were able to alleviate some of the negative feelings children may have been experiencing whilst being forced to isolate at home. Hopefully, we can run more webinars in the future.”

Rob Langley-Swain, head of membership at Adoption UK added: “We are so proud to be working with Rachel and Chroma in offering these interactive sessions to our members, during such a trying and difficult time for parents and children alike. The feedback and positivity around opening up this world of therapeutic interaction for the whole family to engage with together has been unbelievable and we can’t thank you enough for making this happen. The impact it is having on families is fantastic and we feel truly lucky to be able to provide such an opportunity, when the whole world has been turned upside down.”