Advancing Healthcare Awards 2018 Blog four: Recruitment and training

Why Chroma believes in making therapists happy

Chroma is the UK’s largest – and fastest growing – arts therapy provider. And that means the company has the UK’s largest network of arts therapists.

However, explained managing director Daniel Thomas, this does not mean a cookie cutter approach is used when it comes to dealing with staff. Instead, its approach is all about building highly personalised relationships

He said: “We believe in making therapists happy – because it is the ethical thing to do but equally because happy therapists produce the best outcomes for clients.

“That means that we treat our therapists with the utmost respect, work with them on their professional development, match them with the kind of work they are looking for, support them completely and listen closely to their comments and concerns.”

Chroma works with health, education and social care partners and its team of art, drama, music and occupational therapists operate in flexible and collaborative ways with other professionals, families and clients in a range of settings.

Daniel said: “Collaboration is at the heart of Chroma and that means that when a therapist walks into a setting, they feel fully prepared and supported to collaborate with the patient and the team around them.

“It is a profession with a high degree of intensity where there is a fairly high rate of burn out and compassion fatigue. Our aim is to absolutely minimise the chances of that happening. We aim to give our therapists a platform to do excellent work.”

This year, Chroma has become a sponsor of the Advancing Healthcare Awards for the new Realising Potential Through Creativity category.

Daniel said: “It is important to us that those who may be looking to work with us understand how much effort we put into supporting our staff. That’s one of the reasons that we are so pleased to be involved in the creation of this new category, which highlights the concrete contribution that the arts – and arts therapists. make to healthcare.”