Blog: Do you know the importance of keeping your brain healthy?

Everyone knows the importance of looking after their body – but do you ever think about looking after your brain in the same way?

For example, it’s good for your brain function if you have a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and eat well, eating a variety of foods making sure the body receives the essential vitamins and minerals it requires.

But did you know that music could help to keep your brain healthy too? It generally has a positive impact on an individual whether or not they suffer from brain injuries, stroke or mental health disorders. Not only that, it can have a great effect as it helps alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma and self-esteem.

Music is one of the most connective things that the brain can take part in. It connects many parts of the brain, and this is exactly what needs to happen with neuro rehab. Work with patients helps them to re-frame their relationship to rehab; it changes from something that is boring, repetitive maybe even painful to something that is engaging, personalised and relevant.

This method – neurological music therapy – is becoming increasingly popular and has been proven time and again to help brain injury patients who have difficulties with language, cognition and motor control.

The therapy itself has evolved very quickly and even uses advanced brain imaging technology which provides a clearer view of the neural networks that music activates, showing how this kind of therapy works. It’s also known as a technique that encourages participants to express their feelings and experiences.

Understanding the simple ways of maintaining the health of the brain is vital and recognising the importance of music and how certain songs can change your mood, making an individual feel more relaxed and calm. It’s an essential part of everyday life whether you’re exercising, working, driving or relaxing it provides individuals with the ability to express themselves.