Chris Bryant MP set to speak at Acquired Brain Injury conference this March

Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Chris Bryant MP, will formally open the Acquired Brain Injury conference, hosted by Chroma, the UK’s only national provider of arts therapies services.

The conference is taking place on 15 March 2018 at the British Medical Association House in London. The all-day event titled ‘Arts Therapies and Brain Injury: Optimising Outcomes Across Assessment, Treatment and Care’ is set to host seminars and workshops based on Arts Therapies and its use within brain injury rehab.

Chris Bryant MP has been a member of parliament for the last 17 years as the MP for Rhondda, as well as being Shadow leader of the House of Commons until resigning in June 2016. However, most recently Chris became the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Acquired Brain Injury. The Group launched last November with the aim to raise awareness of ABI, champion the need for increased services and funding for those living with brain injuries.

Acquired brain injury is damage caused to the brain since birth, rather than as part of a genetic or congenital disorder, caused by falls, road accidents, tumours or strokes, etc.

The Conference brings together some of the leading authorities and influencers in this field, to deliver the latest research and scientific evidence on how arts therapies are improving outcomes for patients recovering from acquired brain injuries.

A packed program to ensure attendees, including social care staff, NHS workers, students, charities and anyone involved in rehabilitation get the most out of the day will include a client’s story of their rehab experience with arts therapies.

Along with Dr Jeanette Tamplin of the University of Melbourne who has been a music therapist for 20 years as well as the lead researcher on four current research projects in this area. Jeanette will provide an introduction to the evolving field of the creative arts therapies within brain injury rehabilitation, covering current research and practice.

Sarah O’Doherty and Rebecca O’Conner of the National Rehabilitation Hospital will present their Music Therapy Neuropsychology Assessment Model. Both Sarah and Rebecca have countless years of experience working with those who live with acquired brain injuries. Innovative music therapist Sarah established the music therapy service at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Ireland over a decade ago.

The day will also provide practical hands-on workshops, which allows delegates to experience, engage with and understand an art therapy process from a client’s/patient’s point of view. A special workshop brings together physiotherapy and music therapy approaches to introduce the neuro-scientific framework for motor symptoms in neurology and movement stimulation by music and rhythm.

Dr Wendy Magee from the US will showcase the MATADOC assessment for patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness (PDOC) that she and her colleagues pioneered. Wendy is widely published with publications spanning neuroscience, medicine, rehabilitation, psychology, music therapy and many more. The completion session will be a commissioner ‘insight’ piece about using the neurologic music therapy within a leading paediatric neuro rehab hospital (The Portland), given by Claire Dunsterville, Head of Rehabilitation, HCA Healthcare UK and Anna Menen Sanchez, a Neurologic Music Therapist from Chroma.

Daniel Thomas, managing director of Chroma said: “We are thrilled that Chris Bryant MP will be attending the conference to welcome delegates and open the conference. He is a great voice for ABI and hopefully with him attending we will have the opportunity to raise even more awareness of brain injuries and arts therapies.

“We are extremely lucky to have so many respected experts, from across the globe, delivering the latest knowledge and evidence surrounding arts therapy and its use in rehabilitation. The Conference will be a great opportunity for people to gain valuable insight into this vitally important area and pave the way for even more discussion on something that deserves wider recognition.”

To attend the Conference please visit for a booking form. Early bird rate is £155 +VAT until 31st January.