Chroma offers virtual therapy to support parents and therapists during the Covid-19 pandemic

Chroma, the UK’s leading national provider of arts therapy services, has developed a handy resources pack for therapists and parents to engage with during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Self-isolation has forced families to stay indoors with no access to essential therapies they would normally be used to support children or families.

Families who have children with additional needs will be able to access the resources from during their time in self-isolation.

The resources range from home therapy ideas, how to use online apps for therapy, how to start and access video chats for sessions to websites and online activities to keep everyone connected and occupied.

Daniel Thomas, joint managing director at Chroma said “With therapists – and the rest of the UK – being asked to stay home, therapy is now being challenged to become virtual.

“Parents, especially those with children with additional needs, will need a host of activities to help the family stay emotionally and physically well. With these additional online families will be able to keep the connection alive.”

These resources will be available on the Chroma website from the beginning of April and it is hoped many families will refer to these resources not only during their time of need but in order to support progress they have already made as individuals or as a family.

Daniel continued “We know parents and carers of children with additional needs may be worried during this uncertain time. We want those parents to know that we are still there to support them and to help their relationships continue to flourish.”

“Virtual therapy may soon be considered the way forward in providing some aspects of arts therapy, as it enables our therapists to reach a wider audience. These online resources will provide an extensive base to help keep family connections strong during this time of uncertainty. The emotional and physical wellbeing of children, parents and carers are our main priority and we will continue to do all we can to help support our families throughout this troubling time.”

“We will always look for new and innovative ways to support and benefit our clients with additional needs and virtual therapy seems to be the best way though we will keep this approach under review as it’s not always the most appropriate way for some.”