Chroma partners with Voyage Care to provide music therapy for neuro-rehab patients

Chroma has announced a new partnership with Voyage Care to provide neurologic arts therapy services, including Neurologic Music Therapy to patients who are undergoing neuro-rehabilitation.

Voyage Care is a sector leading provider, with over 30 years’ experience of specialist care and support. They support over 3,500 people with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries and other complex needs across the UK.

Their 18 rehabilitation services work with multi-disciplinary teams to rehabilitate and provide on-going care and support for people with brain injuries and complex clinical needs. The collaborative process between these teams at Voyage Care encourages, educates and supports people to take control of their lives after a brain injury and regain their independence.

Chroma, the UK’s leading arts therapy provider, will initially deliver a pilot project at Voyage Care’s rehabilitation services, with a mix of clients ranging from minimally responsive clients to more able clients.

Louise Houghton, Voyage Care’s brain injury placements manager described the upcoming collaboration as “…exciting. The approach and philosophy towards person-centred rehabilitation at both Chroma and Voyage Care are extremely similar. At Voyage Care, each individual is supported to achieve their goals and Chroma shares that same philosophy. Voyage Care is excited for the future of neuro-rehabilitation and the improved outcomes this approach will have upon those it serves.”

Alan Marshall, Central West Managing Director at Voyage Care said: “Looking at the evidence surrounding music therapy, music is an extremely powerful tool which we can use to help those living with a brain injury, to begin to lead a fulfilling life once again. Our aim, working with Chroma, is to further support independence, build confidence and improve the outcomes for those living with brain injuries.”

Daniel Thomas, joint managing director of Chroma, said: “We understand the significance of music therapy as a rehabilitative tool. Its evidence-based results have proven time and time again that it can help improve cognitive function, communication, elevate mood and enhance physical movements.

“At Chroma, we aim to help improve and enhance the lives of all those we provide therapy to, to promote independent living and to help build their confidence to achieve their goals. We look forward to working with the clients at Voyage Care and improving the outcomes for their clients with an acquired brain injury.”