Now is the time to apply for the Advancing Healthcare Awards 2021 Chroma award for Innovation in Neurorehabilitation

The Chroma award for Innovation in Neurorehabilitation aims to find and showcase AHPs including creative arts therapists in England, working in neurorehabilitation settings in the independent, NHS or third sectors. These AHPs will use innovative clinical, commissioning and treatment partnerships to create approaches and ways of working which deliver innovation in neurorehabilitation, especially during the Covid pandemic.

The award seeks to champion AHPs, including creative arts therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and speech and language therapists among others who work together in neurorehabilitation settings, enabling patients to re-frame their relationship with their own neurorehabilitation.

The criteria is as follows:

  • Innovative approaches within neurorehabilitation that improve client experience and outcomes
  • Collaborative delivery that champions a team approach
  • Re-framing patient relationships with their rehabilitation, therapy and self-care
  • Methodological thinking that links to Quality Improvement (QI) pathways and/or inspection criteria,
  • Economically efficient, clinically effective, scalability of vision 

When submitting your project, remember to:

  • Describe your project, your team and any relevant background work and supporting evidence. Show how you analysed the problem, were innovative in your neurorehabilitation approaches, and started to find a collaborative solution (200 words) 
  • Outline the impact of the project and the outcome measures you used to capture the impact of your innovative thinking and approach (100 words) 
  • What were the risks you took? What worked and what didn’t? What lessons did you learn? (50 words)
  • Describe how your project/your approach could be developed and sustained, and the potential for transferability and scalability across organisations. Include reference to value for money. (100 words)
  • Outline how your project/your work has increased best practise and innovated within your neurorehabilitation organisation and/or work. (50 words)

All entries should be submitted to

Want to know what it takes to become a finalist? Read our 2019 finalists Ann Dix and Hazel Child story’s and the 2019 winner’s story Lucy Junni. And we can’t forget the winners of the 2020 award Jonathan Fever & Claire Edwards. All worthy finalists and winners.

So, do you think your project could be the winner of the upcoming Advancing Healthcare Awards 2021 Chroma award for Innovation in Neurorehabilitation? Apply now!