Adoption Support Fund

Chroma work across the UK supporting adoptive families

Chroma works closely with over 50 local authority post adoption services. Our work with adoptive families is funded by the Adoption Support Fund.  We help families and social workers secure significant funding to support music, art and drama therapy interventions. To read/download our therapeutic statement about how we work please click here.

Parents and social workers can call us on 0330 440 1838 to talk about the work we do to support adoptive families, and to start to process of securing Adoption Support funding.

“I have found the art therapy intervention over recent months to have been highly positive in our present situation of family tension, with a transgender teenage child and an older sibling who exhibits high levels of verbal violence and threat. The art therapy has made a major contribution to our capacity to deal with what has been at times a critical situation.” – Adoptive Parent

We focus on enhancing parent/child attachment and bonding, strengthening family relationships, reducing anxiety and aggression and building capacity in parents to support their children’s development. We work with parents, children and families and use Art Therapy, Dramatherapy or Music Therapy approaches.