Sue Ryder extends music therapy contract with Chroma

Following a successful six-month music therapy pilot project in partnership with Chroma, Sue Ryder has extended the project for a further six months.

Residents at Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Lancashire, Preston have been experiencing music therapy alongside other regulated therapies (including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech and language therapy), to help their rehabilitation and engagement.

Chroma will continue to deliver music therapy sessions at Sue Ryder, which primarily provide emotional and psychological support, alongside functional support, to help residents mentally prepare and feel motivated to participate in their rehab.

Daniel Thomas, managing director at Chroma said: “We are really pleased that Sue Ryder has agreed to extend our support to their residents.

“Introducing music therapy into the rehabilitation journey has seen improvements in residents’ communication skills, independence, self-awareness and awareness of others, plus, has supported and improved their concentration and attention skills.

“Music has proven it is the ideal intervention to help mentally prepare residents to engage in their rehabilitation as it encourages self-belief and confidence in their abilities – psychologically, residents’ have been able to grow within themselves. Progress has been seen in numerous areas such as speech, attention, focus but most of all, psychologically.”

Terry Mears, Centre Director at Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Lancashire added, “Chroma’s six-month Music Therapy project delivered to residents at Sue Ryder has been deemed a resounding success.

“By extending our partnership, we can continue our commitment to providing expert support and allowing us to be at the forefront of modernising neurological care across the county.

“We have seen that using music therapy has helped our residents understand themselves and make positive changes in their lives. A positive mental state is the first step in improving each residents’ outlook on rehab, life and feeling more positive about their future.

“It is important that residents feel mentally able and motivated to participate in their rehabilitation, which, can be both physically and emotionally draining. Music Therapy has been able to provide that psychological support needed for each individual to progress in their rehab journey.”

Chroma approached this project with the aim to empower residents and promote recovery. The project extension is a true reflection of its success and will continue to be highly collaborative, with all therapies working together towards the same goals – and always with ‘the resident comes first’ approach.

Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Lancashire is a purpose-built, state of the art neurological care centre based in Eastway, which provides specialist neurological care, rehabilitation and support to people living with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s and multiple sclerosis as well as those with acquired brain injuries.